How to Train Your Teacup Dog

Teacup dogs are beautiful and heartwarming. They measure about seven inches in height, and they weigh less than four pounds. These incredible dogs are suitable for people who live in small spaces and cannot manage to have a large dog. A breed of teacup dogs that are amazing is the teacup Poodles and teacup Chihuahua which usually make a loyal and loving companion. In this article, we will discuss how to train your teacup dog using a bark collar.

Teacup dogs are naturally tiny, and handling their behavior can be a real deal. There are times they may get excited, or at some point, they may be provoked and get to react in specific ways. This may make them restless and start barking. At this point, you may need to use a back collar for teacup dogs.

Due to their small stature, getting the right training back collar has not been easy. This is primarily because they are not as aggressive as their larger counterparts. However, just like larger dogs, the diverse anti-barking collar devices may just suffice (see The only difference here is that the user will have to make at least several neck adjustments as well on the signals to find out what exactly suits the dog effectively.

There are several types of bark collars that can be used of these teacup dogs effectively. They include;

-Dog bark spray devices- these can send a particular signal to the nose and eyes of your dog every time she/he attempts to bark.

-Sound devices- these devices also usually emit a specific piercing sound to the dog’s ear and hence immediately stops the dog from barking. These have been found particularly effective in preventing dogs from barking.

-The ultrasound anti-barking collar devices- these are devices that are electronically oriented with the capacity of creating a high-frequency tone, which is annoying to the dog, which ends up stopping the dog from barking.

The first two categories of bark collar devices can be referred to as the citronella collars and usually are used if the owner of the dog is searching for an alternative way of stopping the dog from barking without necessarily having to put some collar on its neck. It has occurred to many that combined use of spray, sound, and collar works well in training your teacup dog.

What makes these bark collars impressive is because they give the teacup dog a humane touch. Additionally, the spray used is also usually scented with some sweet distracting smell, which normally distracts the dog from an angry and barking mood to a better one.

This said, however, it is worth noting that the aspect of being humane alone cannot be enough. This is where the shock collars come in. The intensity of the shock that these shock collars produce is normally strong enough to send the dog completely quite.

You should, however, understand that dogs are supposed to bark naturally, and this also includes the tteacupdogs. While using these devices to train your dog not to bark, you should consider that they are just exhibiting their natural behavior.

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